Famous for being one of Atlanta’s historical streetcar suburbs, Kirkwood offers a bevy of features that have made locals decided to stay in the neighborhood for good.

Kirkwood is part of DeKalb County and is adjacent to other popular Atlanta neighborhoods such as Oakhurst, Lake Claire, East Lake, and Edgewood. The neighborhood has preserved some remnants of old streetcar lines, but most of the areas within Kirkwood have already been converted to residential buildings and commercial establishments. Despite the development of the neighborhood, Kirkwood hasn’t lost sight of its cultural and historical background, as evident in its existing structures.

Some of the houses in the neighborhood were built in classic architecture such as Victorian style or Craftsman bungalow, but the rising interest to live in Kirkwood has led to the construction of more modern houses and subdivisions.

Kirkwood’s Downtown area is a living, breathing part of the neighborhood, prompting locals to call it “the small town in the big city”. Part of the reason why Kirkwood has become attractive to prospective homeowners is because of the wide range of amenities that Downtown has to offer – restaurants, bars and cafes, retail stores, parlors and spa centers, fitness centers, offices, and emergency stations.

Another awesome feature of Kirkwood is the sheer number of parks, the most in any other Atlanta neighborhood. If it’s your first time at Kirkwood, your best starting point is Gilliam Park, which offers beautiful landscapes, expansive green spaces, community garden, and connection to the PATH trail. After this, you may visit other parks such as DeKalb Memorial Park, Bessie Branham Park, Oakview Park, and Kirkwood Urban Forest and Community Garden.

To reach Kirkwood, you may take interstates I-75/I-85 and I-20 using your private vehicle. Public transportation such as shuttle buses or the MARTA rail system (via Candler Park station on the blue-green rail line) can also bring you to Kirkwood.

Kirkwood offers the best aspects of Atlanta living in one place – cozy residential locations, an exciting Downtown area, several parks and green spaces, and accessibility to major Atlanta destinations. All of these should encourage you to visit Kirkwood, and even consider it your next place of residence.